Elements of Interior Design: Color Gallery


Last week we talked about color as an element of interior design.  See below for more examples! 



Notice that all four of the monochromatic spaces we've featured are den or study spaces.  In an oddly parallel way, an allover color scheme really lends itself to a single-minded activity such as working, studying, or movie watching.  It goes without saying that you'll want to select your color wisely, but we're saying it anyway.  This is a situation where a little research into color psychology would be very wise.  Also worth noting is that monochromatic interiors rarely use a true hue, but rather a shade softened by a little bit of grey or brown.  


Analogous palettes make their selections from adjacent colors on the wheel, which tends to make things easy on the eyes.  Still, these can be serene, as in the living room by Ashley Whittaker, or bold, as in the family room by Carrier and Company.


You can see that while all three rooms utilize hues from opposite ends of the color wheel, they do so in varying degrees.  The Branca bedroom uses just touches of magenta to offset the dominant acid green, while Gambrel's version spreads yellow and mustard tones throughout the space.  In Fairley's family room, the sky blue and coral are applied in nearly equal doses.  -AHI

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